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Dallas Hypnosis Career TrainingWelcome to Dallas Hypnosis Career Training

We are a fully licensed Hypnosis Certification Career School.  We accept students from all over the world and would love to have YOU in our classes.  Please Browse around our site and call if  you have any questions.
  • Our greatest desire is to teach people who want to make a real difference in human lives, families and even the world.

  • We teach advanced techniques that, once mastered, put you in the top 1% of hypnotists world-wide very quickly.

  • Hypnosis training makes a great adjunct to any training you already have or you can become a full-time hypnotist as a career with our training.

Please browse this site to learn more or to Register for our next class. 
Call 972-673-0110 if you have any questions.

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Student Interviews

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Student Interviews

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Dallas Hypnosis Career TrainingHypnosis Training

Why Choose DHCT ?

Dallas Hypnosis Career TrainingFirstly, you can feel safe in knowing that we are a state licensed career school and that our training is accepted World-Wide.  As a state-licensed school we are continually monitored for integrity. 

Secondly, we teach an elite system of advanced hypnotic techniques, that once mastered, will help you quickly be in the top 1% of your field. 

Thirdly, your teacher is world renowned, respected by top professionals in the field, experienced and still sees up to 20 clients per week in her office.   As a bonus, we are centrally located in the US to make it fast and easy to get to us. 

Top 7 Reasons to be a Hypnotist

Health & Harmony House

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NGH Certified Hypnosis Training

Upcoming NGH Certification Courses

Upcoming NGH Certified Hypnosis Training Courses

Member, National Guild of Hypnotists2015 Training Schedule

National Guild of Hypnotists Approved Hypnosis Certification

Course Date: Oct 5-16 cost $2795.00. Breakdown:Class cost: $1958.00,
Books registration and materials add $837.00 - Total cost $2795.00.
Get the Early Bird Special - sign up 3 months in advance and get $500 off, 2 months in advance take $300 off and one month in advance take $100 off the price of the class!
Description:Complete hypnosis certification course preparing you for a career in hypnotism. Includes manuals, ongoing support, and much more.
all 972-673-0110 for more information.Click Here to Enroll Now!

2016 training schedule COMING SOON!


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NGH Certified Hypnosis Training

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NGH Certified Hypnosis Training

Is Hypnosis Training Right for You?

If your heart’s desire is to help people make real and lasting positive changes in their lives, this is the career for you.  Hypnotists are cut from the same cloth as people in other helping professions such as nurses, doctors, counselors, ministers, personal coaches, school teachers, and massage therapists, and those in alternative medicine areas. 

The common denominator for making a great hypnotist, remains, however, a desire to help people and an interest in how the mind works. That is why there are many hypnotists from diverse and unusual backgrounds, such as computer programmer, or in my case, radio announcer. 

NGH Certified Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis WatchHow to Make Money as a Hypnotist

Click on this link for a series of articles about how I run my hypnosis business on a small budget.

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